In Hearts The Hope Prevails EP Re​-​Issue

by Marina

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Before we release the album we have a little tie-in for you guys! We have decided to re-release our debut EP; songs from the EP are re-mastered; re-issue also contains 4 bonus tracks, including never before released demos and some fun stuff. 'IN HEARTS THE HOPE PREVAILS Re-Issue' will be available on Bandcamp 01/14/12 (14 January 2012) and will be containing these 10 tracks:
01. Intro (Re-mastered)
02. The Edwardtising (Re-mastered)
03. Stay (Re-mastered)
04. 28;06;42;12 (Re-mastered)
05. So Young, So Dare (Re-mastered)
06. Vain Dreams Street (Re-mastered)
07. In Hearts The Hope Prevails (Unreleased Demo)
08. 28;06;42;12 (Demo)
09. Vain Dreams Street (8-bit remix)
10. Sentinels
Art by Artur Lebedev


released January 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Marina Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

Marina is a young 5-piece post-hardcore band from the very heart of Europe. The band was started back in 2009, many things have changed since than but the concept of doing what we love most remains untouched. We have released our debut EP entitled 'In Hearts The Hope Prevails' in 2010, now we are to release our first full-lenght album, 'The Downpour'. ... more

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Track Name: The Edwardtising (Re-Mastered)
The Sacred Folder Of Our Lives Will Be Untold
Until We Open It Ourself
Why Are We Doing So, Why Are We Doing So?
The Truth Be Told Or It Will Hide In Darkness Now Forever
What Will Be Told, What Will Be Not- Thats The Question We Ask
Ourselves Again And Again
Until We Find An Answer We Like
Still We Go 'Till We Find Another Justification
Now Blame Yourself
For The Crisis You've Caused
Now Lie Will Make A Picture, Reality Will Remain The Same
What's Your Explanation
For The Shit You've Called The Truth, You're Trapped, Good Luck To Find An Exit Now
Vices Covered You All Inside Out
What Will You Make Up, What Will You Say
Public's Awaiting
Now You've Dig A Grave And Dig Yourself In, And What Was The Point
Wasn't It Easier Just To Admit You've Failed?
No way out, Get Used To Interior Of The Grave You Are In
No Way Out
Get Used To Interior Of The Grave You're In
You Are In
Now You Want To Get Out But How?
Get Used To Interior Of The Grave You're In
Track Name: 28;06;42;12 (Re-Mastered)
Main Problem Of Conformistic Race
It's Sentenced To Be Unburied
Disable For Elementary Decides And Useless
False Community And Its Products
All It Gives No Sense At All
All It Leads To My End
To Grave And No Road Back
When There's Nothing Left To Do,
When There's Nothing Left To Say, Just Goodbye
I Think We're Cool, Then
Salvation Is Near By
The Secret I Will Hide
Goodbye My Love
Goodbye My Love
Track Name: So Young, So Dare (Re-Mastered)
When We Are Trying To Answer
You're Trying To Ask
We'll Never Hear Each Other
Will We Find A Path To Go Together?
Will We Find A Path
Together We Stand
(Through The Thunders)
We Won't Back Down
(Whatever It Will Take)
We Didn't Come Here For Nothing, We'll Take What Belongs To Us
Who Are You To Keep It For Yourself
Or Do You Think We Have No Rights
Guess What
Through All Those Months That We Slept
Through Those Tears That We Have To Keep
We Still Remember And We'll Never Forget
Hit After Hit We Had To Be Silent But Now
It's Time To Renegade
Track Name: Vain Dreams Street (Re-Mastered)
Look In The Child's eyes, It's Full Of Hope
And Dreams That Will Not Become Truth
Now Will You Just Step Aside
As Everyone Does?
His Heart Will Be Cloaked By The Pain
Is There Pity In Yours?
Have you ever felt like if your mind is broken apart?
I Wish You Never Did
Find The Way
For This Little Boy To Live In Your Heart
As He Does In Ours
Save His Young Soul
Until It's Broken As Yours
Until It's Broken As Yours
Until It's Broken
Until It's Broken As Yours
Until It's Broken As Yours
When All The Saints Are On The Other Way
When There's The Only Solution
Now When All The Saints Are On The Other Way
When There's The Only Solution